Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Mornings!

Saturday is my favorite day of the week! When I open my eyes on a Saturday morning, it seems the possibilities are endless!! The work week is done and it's my play day!! When I lived on the Gulf Coast, it meant we could take a day trip to the beach in Mississippi! Now, it may be a day trip to Dallas.

I lay in bed early on a Saturday morning and decide how I want my "play day" to go! Will I jump right into making a new jewelry design or will I splatter some brightly colored paint on a canvas! Maybe, it's a day to get out and go to a few favorite stores I like. It could be a day I get in the Kitchen and create an extra fabulous meal for my family! Whatever my spur of the moment decision is, trust me, I will be enjoying my glorious Saturday to the fullest!!!

Don't just exist in this world, live life to the fullest! Life is a gift, enjoy it!!!

Happy Happy Saturday!!


  1. Great blog, Karen! I hope you did enjoy your Saturday, Saints game and all... :(. I love your "don't just exist..." line. I try to live by that myself and being creatively busy helps me to achieve that goal. I blogged pretty regularly for a couple of years, but since I started on FB, my blog has suffered with maybe one or two posts the last couple of years just to announce an upcoming show or something. I just became a "member" of your blog... you can find mine by clicking on my "universal" avatar. :) Happy blogging!

    1. Thanks, Theresa! I'm a baby at it. However, I am enjoying it! I will follow you as well. Look forward to the read!