Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Win One of My Prints!!

Want to win one of my prints? They make great Christmas gifts. Maybe, you want to began collecting my prints for yourself. Take a guess at how many girly items are in the bowl. It's way more then 5 and a lot less then 70! Contest ends 11/30/12 at 6:30pm! Invite your friends to play! Good luck to ya!!!

Watch It Take Shape!

I get excited as soon as the brush hits the canvas! I start with a thought of what I want. But, truly don't know how the end result will look until I get closer to the end!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Holiday Blog Tour Is Coming!!!

Your first question is what a Holiday Blog Tour? Well it is an innovative concept that Icess Fernandez Rojas started last year. This year she has expanded. It is group of artist that Icess has hand chosen to participate. I am lucky enough to be one that was chosen. I feel real special that I am the only painter in the group. The tour begins on December 7. Each artist has a date to blog and refers you to the next blog for the next day. It's a mind thing!! Let's expand out minds, let's give into something a little different for a change! I shall be blogging on December 15th. Please check it out. You should infact follow the whole tour! I have posted the link that will give you the calendar of dates and which artists are blogging on what day!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Reason I Create

I began drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil. My grandfather was an artist. He past that strong gene off to most of his children. They past it on to their children. All of my cousins have art talent. Now, a new generation, most of my second cousins have the gene as well as my children.

I didn't have a serious experience with a paint brush until my Senior year of High School. Ms. Triege was a great influence on me. After High School, I continued to do my daily "doodling," nothing seriously. I briefly painted my first year of marriage. It was strictly just for fun.

Four years ago, I did my first serious painting. I started out doing abstract art. Then, I decided I would share my life experiences through my painting. It was a good decision. It has been very fulfilling for me. I feel very blessed and I am glad that God has allowed me to share my gifts with the world.

Yesterday, I did the Shreveport Jazz & Blues Fest. It was my fifth year. It was only my third year showing my paintings. It was the first year I got the courage to put "most" of my eggs in one basket. I have always done a combination set up of mostly jewelry. The truth is I was just scared to step out there as a painter. After all, I am basically self taught. Most of my art friends have BS and Master's in Art.

My experience was positive. I was very glad I found my courage! I also learned something new. My art is not just about me sharing my life experiences with the world, but my customers sharing their life experience as why they love my work!

One customer gazed at my New Orleans Street car piece. Then she looked at others but went back to that one. Engaging her in conversation, she reviled that her grandfather worked on the first New Orleans Canal Street streetcar line. She shared how she had a picture of him with the crew. She then went on to tell me right after he did that he met and married his wife from Grosse Tete. They then moved to North Louisiana. The grandfather only spoke German and her grandmother only spoke French. Of course she had to have the piece.  Her story is one of many my costumers shared with me yesterday. Some love to hear my stories and some love to share theirs!

I will continue to paint "my life on canvas." I also will look forward to YOU my future customer telling me why you love one of my pieces!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Girlfriendology IV: Bra Shopping

Two of my friends to told me of their bra shopping adventure. I new immediately, I wanted their adventure to be part of my girlfriendology series. So, here are my friends, Nadine and Kathryn simply bra shopping. It's a girl thing!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Girlfriendology II: The Essence of Us

Near and dear to my heart are my core group of girlfriends. I have been friends with these ladies for 23 plus years. We attended Essence together for many many years. Even the year after Hurricane Katrina hit, we traveled to Houston to attend OUR event.

This painting steams from our Houston's Essence trip. I put my own spin on it with the New Orleans skyline picture in the background. I also like the touch of the comedy & tragedy statue I added.

It seems only fitting that it is titled, The Essence of Us!! Love you, ladies!!


A friend of mine Carolyn, suggested that one of my girlfriend paintings should show women dancing. I did this one this morning. Guys may come and go, but I know I always have a dance partner with my girlfriends!!

 Help me name this one! It will be "Girlfriendology III," with a sub-title. The person that gives me the sub-title I am looking for will get a print once I have them done.