Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shreveport Farmer's Market

Completion of the Shreveport Farmer's Market Painting

It took me longer than expected to complete first Shreveport Farmer's Market Painting. However, I did finish it a few weeks ago. I plan to do a series of different happenings at the market. I've had the  prints made (for those interested). I decided to debut the original at the Marker's Fair. Guess what? It sold! I am so please. Mr. Craig, a native of Shreveport had actually never been to the Shreveport Farmer's Market. None the less, he liked my painting and had to acquire it!

My next painting will be a portrait of a the quintessential "Creole Lady." It is inspired by Dianne Honore'. Stay tuned!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My next painting

I'm very pleased that the Shreveport Farmer's Market allowed artist back into the market. The market has grown so much, it's currently number one in Louisiana.
Since I spend most Saturday's vending at the market, I have decided to do a series of paintings of the market. I began working on my first one last Tuesday. I will try and have it completed by this Saturday.

When I first moved to Shreveport almost six years ago, I was one of maybe 20 vendors at the market. It didn't matter that the market was small and not well attended back then. I designed my new jewelry during the week. Loaded my case, loaded my table in the car and headed to Festival Plaza every Saturday morning. I totally enjoyed it! Now, that it's grown so much, I load my car with even more excitement then I did years ago.

The market is more like a family. I visit with my family and friends. We share information of things happening around town, network, eat, play and sell lots and lots stuff. Stuff may be art, jewelry, food, veggies and even wine!

If you are in the local area please stop by and check me out. See you at the market, friend!!