Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Purple Skies

I have titled this piece Purple Skies. It is a tribute to the High School that my husband attended. The school was founded in 1951.

St. Augustine is known for its fabulous marching band. The band is called the, “Marching 100.” My husband was a part of the “Marching 100” when he attended the school. His father as well as many of his cousins attended the school as well.

-Just another page of history

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Day On The Lake

This painting is a page from My Delgado days. On any given day, my friends and I would gather on the lake front to eat crawfish.

In this painting at the table is my friend Sabrina, Rhonda, Rene, Darrel, myself and Darrel’s then eight year old sister. I have also painted the cars that Darrel and I drove back then. I have very great memories of my lakefront day trips!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Soul Train!!!!

A good friend, Pedra Randolph, of mine is always shooting me ideas that I should put on canvas. When Don Cornelius passed away recently, she said I should do a Soul Train painting. When I was growing up, me and everyone I knew would hurry up their chores on a Saturday morning. If you planned to watch Soul Train at 11am, the chores had to be about finished before the television was turned on.

My friend’s idea was to show a girl, ironing while watching TV. My mind began putting the piece together. If you don’t my now, the majority of my paintings are things really personal in my life.

So, here it is. I recalled how my bedroom looked when I was 16. I have my Encyclopedia on the shelf, my wall color and my TV. The statue on the chest is a ceramic cheerleader that my dad and I made. I was probably 5 years old. Next to it is a perfume decanter that was owned my my grandmother. Behind the cheerleader is a Purple Rain poster. I also featured my record player and a Michael Jackson poster. The performer on the Soul Train scene on the TV. is Sheila E at the drum. The cherry on the top for this painting is the girl wearing Chic jeans. All girls had to have a pair of Chic jeans back then. Perhaps, this isn’t just a tribute to Soul Train, but a tribute the 1980’s!

Thanks for the idea, P!

Another piece of my history: Trio

My mother and father both have played an important part in my creativity expression. Completion of my latest piece simply title, “Trio,” reminds me of dad. My father is an excellent photographer. He taught me how to shoot pictures as well as the lost art of processing and developing the film.
During my High School years, my dad was actively working as a photographer. He took wedding pictures, team sports and some of the marching unit for St. Mary’s Academy (my High School). Dad was great at posing his subjects. He had a real eye for this.

As dad was clearing out old photos recently, he came across some he took of two of my best friends and my sister. Since my return to painting, things strike me different. When I looked at the pictures dad sent, I saw all three pictures coming together as one in a painting.

I finally got it on canvas. Featured in the painting are Rachel Oliver (color guard), Rene (Washington) Waddell (drum major) and Linda Williams (drill team). They are standing in front of what was the “Senior” building at St. Mary’s Academy. This is another bitter sweet part of my history. The building stands no longer (thanks to Hurricane Katrina). The school has since been rebuilt. But the Senior building that I knew is no more. Hope my friends like the painting!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

One Drink Too Many!!

This piece was so much fun for me to do. I think we all know someone or been that someone at the table. I enjoyed adding the personal connection in this painting of the Shreveport, La skyline picture in the background. I would love your feedback on this painting.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Returning Home

If you have been reading my blog, you know I have written about my art career starting after I moved to Shreveport. I love the art community I have been lucky enough to be a part of. However, I have been longing to showcase my art in my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.

My chance has arrived. I feel highly favored to be an artist at the St. Mary’s Academy event that happens this month. The Cougar Jam & Music Festival will happen on March 31st. It will be held on the grounds of my High School. This High School gave me many sister’s for life. It taught me great values. The school provided the foundation for me to be the strong woman I am today.

It will be so surreal displaying my “Sisterhood” print on the grounds of the very place that inspired it. I cannot wait. I also can’t wait to be among my “sisters” again!!!