Saturday, March 17, 2012

Soul Train!!!!

A good friend, Pedra Randolph, of mine is always shooting me ideas that I should put on canvas. When Don Cornelius passed away recently, she said I should do a Soul Train painting. When I was growing up, me and everyone I knew would hurry up their chores on a Saturday morning. If you planned to watch Soul Train at 11am, the chores had to be about finished before the television was turned on.

My friend’s idea was to show a girl, ironing while watching TV. My mind began putting the piece together. If you don’t my now, the majority of my paintings are things really personal in my life.

So, here it is. I recalled how my bedroom looked when I was 16. I have my Encyclopedia on the shelf, my wall color and my TV. The statue on the chest is a ceramic cheerleader that my dad and I made. I was probably 5 years old. Next to it is a perfume decanter that was owned my my grandmother. Behind the cheerleader is a Purple Rain poster. I also featured my record player and a Michael Jackson poster. The performer on the Soul Train scene on the TV. is Sheila E at the drum. The cherry on the top for this painting is the girl wearing Chic jeans. All girls had to have a pair of Chic jeans back then. Perhaps, this isn’t just a tribute to Soul Train, but a tribute the 1980’s!

Thanks for the idea, P!

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