Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another piece of my history: Trio

My mother and father both have played an important part in my creativity expression. Completion of my latest piece simply title, “Trio,” reminds me of dad. My father is an excellent photographer. He taught me how to shoot pictures as well as the lost art of processing and developing the film.
During my High School years, my dad was actively working as a photographer. He took wedding pictures, team sports and some of the marching unit for St. Mary’s Academy (my High School). Dad was great at posing his subjects. He had a real eye for this.

As dad was clearing out old photos recently, he came across some he took of two of my best friends and my sister. Since my return to painting, things strike me different. When I looked at the pictures dad sent, I saw all three pictures coming together as one in a painting.

I finally got it on canvas. Featured in the painting are Rachel Oliver (color guard), Rene (Washington) Waddell (drum major) and Linda Williams (drill team). They are standing in front of what was the “Senior” building at St. Mary’s Academy. This is another bitter sweet part of my history. The building stands no longer (thanks to Hurricane Katrina). The school has since been rebuilt. But the Senior building that I knew is no more. Hope my friends like the painting!!


  1. I am honored to be a part of your history Karen, first as your long time friend, then as the photo subject of your father, as a part of your family and now as a part of your art. I'm very proud of you and all that you've accomplished. Keep on moving forward and I must say, this is now one of my favorite pieces (I'm not partial...LOL!)

  2. Thank you, Rachel!! I am so glad that you like the painting!!