Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Magic of Christmas!

It’s my day to blog for the Holiday Blog Tour! I’ve been waiting patiently all week for my turn! No, not really patiently! I’ve been feeling like a six year old child waiting and hoping to see Santa Claus. We all know the true meaning of Christmas! However, the magic of Christmas is what is thrilling to children & some adults! Little children all over the world are writing Christmas wish list in hopes that Santa stops at their house. My Christmas painting conveys the dream of all children. Every child wants to sneak out of bed with hopes of seeing Santa putting gifts under the tree for them. I was that little girl. My parents have told me the story of me when I was about five. I wouldn’t get in bed and I guess dad was ready to fill the role of Santa’s representative. I was out of bed, looking out the window. When I heard, “HO Ho HO!” My parents giggled quietly to themselves as I yelled, “I see him, I see him!” I leaped into bed and hurried to slumber. I’m sure most parents have stories of making sure their children experience the magic of Christmas. Not to be a downer, but some kids don’t get to experience the magic of Christmas. Let’s step out of “our” world this Christmas. Do something special for a family that you know needs it! Let me do something for you! The first two people to “like” my fan page, Artisan Karen La Beau’s Art & Jewelry, will get a free 5x7 print! If you are not familiar with my work, please visit, Please check out the blog for tomorrow!!


  1. Hey there. I can't find your facebook link. :(

    You have two different blogs?


    I am sorry! I will have to learn how to better link my fan page. See if this helps!