Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Holiday Blog Tour Is Coming!!!

Your first question is what a Holiday Blog Tour? Well it is an innovative concept that Icess Fernandez Rojas started last year. This year she has expanded. It is group of artist that Icess has hand chosen to participate. I am lucky enough to be one that was chosen. I feel real special that I am the only painter in the group. The tour begins on December 7. Each artist has a date to blog and refers you to the next blog for the next day. It's a mind thing!! Let's expand out minds, let's give into something a little different for a change! I shall be blogging on December 15th. Please check it out. You should infact follow the whole tour! I have posted the link that will give you the calendar of dates and which artists are blogging on what day! http://www.writingtoinsanity.com/2012/11/holiday-blog-tour-dates.html

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