Sunday, October 7, 2012

Holy Angels-A Taste of Shreveport!

Sheila Harkey, a good friend of mine, asked for a piece of my work for Holy Angels fundraiser coming up. Sheila is a great friend and big fan of my work. I owe her for assisting in the key turn for the door of the art world for me. I did not hesitate to say yes!

Holy Angels is a residence facility for the mentally handicap. It has been around since the late 1960's. I have someone very close that attended this facility a long time ago. She received wonderful care from the nuns that run the place. So, keeping true to my artist mission, "My Life on Canvas," I wanted to capture a piece of Holy Angels on canvas.

I chose to paint the church. I featured two nuns coming from the church. One is holding a rosary. To paint this small detail, I used a tooth pick. The statue of the angel was also very very important to the tone of piece.

The event took place on October 6, 2012. I was very fun event. Full of the top restaurants in the Shreveport area supplying the best of what they have to offer. I even got to sample a new wine this not
market! Let's not even talk about the great band. Some of the residences put on a show, performing as Micheal Jackson. It was a fun evening.

The best was seeing who won the bid on my piece (minimum bid was $150.00). Tom Harkey, Sheila's brother has acquired the piece. This is not his first piece of mine. I am very grateful that life has crossed my path with the Harkey's! They are real good people!!

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