Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Circle Food Store: A New Orleans Landmark

Nothing says 7th Ward New Orleans like the Circle Food Store!! I am sure almost every person that I know from New Orleans can share a Circle Food Store story. Mine is, if anyone saw was  the special of the week was as they past the Circle Food Store, it was my grandfather's handy work! The signs usually included a painting of the food item. He was THE man! He was Abe the sign man from all of my life until the mid-80's. Lama's Seafood Market, Treme Supermarket, he did all the hot spot grocery stores and more. My cousin Sean even went with him on some jobs. My grandfather had wonderful artistic talent, to which he past down to most of his kids, all of the grandkids and now many of the great grand kids. Drawing and painting comes natural to us. I owe him a lot. I have been blessed with a great gift that started with my grandfather.

So, naturally with the Circle Food Store planning to reopened since it's closure seven years ago, I felt compelled to do this painting. My husbands favorite memory of the store was at Easter time. I have featured a little hint of Easter in this painting. In 2005, when the price of bell peppers were high, you could go there and get them 4 for 1.00 many times through the year!

Sharing the stages of this painting as it was taking shape, a friend of mine said all that was needed was her dad's cab in the painting. Her dad owned his own cab company. And from what I hear, he was the favorite cab driver of all the women. He was the only one they trusted to bring in their groceries. I have featured Mr. JJ Jefferson's cab in this painting as a special tribute to my friend, Nyrie Jefferson!

Notice the man carrying a brown paper bag, somethings kids today no nothing about! I loved including the bellsouth telephone sign, something else you never see anymore.

Tomorrow, the original goes to the printer. Copies will be available soon just in case you want one for your kitchen!!!!

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