Monday, July 2, 2012

A friend of mine recently shared pictures with me of her daughter dancing. When I looked at the form that this young lady had in the pictures, I was blown away. Truely, "art in motion!" I felt compelled to capture it in paint. I chose to paint this on a piece of two inch block of wood.

Introducing, DeVaughn Gilchrist! I am at a lost for the name of this piece. Praise Him comes to mind. Humm, I will give the title a bit more thought.

Maybe, YOU can help me name this piece. What does it say to you? If you have a suggested title, you can comment on here. You can also comment on Artisan Karen La Beau Art & Jewerly business page on Face Book! Might be a free gift involved if I pick your title!!

After I have a named and had the prints processed, the original and the prints will be for purchase. It will be on site.


  1. How about "Freedom". BTW...Leslie's dance school is Art In Motion. I say Freedom because she is in a world where no one and nothing can hinder her spirit! The world of Dance!

  2. Thanks, Jaina! Someone else suggested "Freedom" as well.

  3. Okay Jaina! Three people suggested "Freedom." She shall be named that. You will get a free print for you participation! Thanks!