Thursday, June 21, 2012

Do you use QR Codes? Do you know what they are?? They have been popping up all over the place. People put them on business cards; advertisements basically anything in print may have this on it.

I have been seeing this little black square with digital dots for months. Looks like a new version of a bar code. I never investigated further. Didn’t get the big hype!

Then a friend of mine, Mary Salvail, was talking about them. She was telling me how cool it was. Instead of typing in a web address, one could use this scan (QR code) app and pull the site up instantly. Wow! No more writing a website down or trying to make sure you type it in exactly right! I love it. My friend then said, you should have one for you business. Humm….that is a thought. But, I had no idea what was involved in setting one up. But, thanks to Google, I figure it out. It was hard at all!!! I simply went to It took all of three minutes. Presto magical, I have on for Artisan Karen La Beau’s web site!!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t upload the code on here. Blogger kept telling me my file was corrupet! I guess the dots where confusing it. However, I have posted it on my face book page and it will be in my future ads as well as my business cards. This is just another way for me to make sure I am covering all avenues to make shopping easy for my wonderful customers!!!

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